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Beer System & Cooler Install – Whiskey Cake

Beer System & Cooler Install – Whiskey Cake

We partnered with Texas Metal Equipment Co. as the installer for the walk-in unit along with the beer and wine tap system at a Whiskey Cake location in Houston, TX.

See project progress photos below:

Our team built out the walk-in cooler, ran insulated trunk lines from the beer cooler to bar area, installed beer panels, and connected lines to beer panels and ran FOB drains.

Mounted glycol chiller.

We cut holes out of the counter top with a plasma cutter in order to mount the beer and wine towers. The beer & wine towers were assembled and then bolted to counter tops.

Finally, the beer and wine kegs were connected in the order specified by the bar manager. We inspected connections for any leaks and tested for proper pouring and temperature.

Happy Pouring! Cheers!