About Coolers Inc.

Coolers Inc. is a commercial kitchen equipment service provider with special focus on refrigeration and ice machines. Our customers included local restaurants, bars, breweries as well as offices, hospitals, churches, schools, and more. 


Coolers, Inc. was founded in 1967 by William "Dub" Dickson Sr. and his wife Ann Marie. Specializing in providing and  servicing commercial refrigeration, Coolers Inc. operates in Houston and the greater surrounding areas. Through installation and service for many institutional kitchens and large commercial kitchens in hospitals and public schools, Coolers, Inc. built an early reputation for standards in excellence and professionalism.

In 1969 Dub Sr. was joined by his oldest son William "Dub" Jr. who maintained and expanded the Coolers Inc. philosophy of great service and installation with a respect to maintaining a family level of commitment to the customer. As a result, Jr. became one of the most respected men locally and nationally in the field. His knowledge of refrigeration became well known and respected by many national and local restaurant owners. Respectfully, we lost Jr. in 2010, however, his legacy and professionalism are continued in the business by his brother Jim Dickson.

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In 1979, Coolers Inc. was contracted to begin installing the Multiplex beverage system in McDonald's to ensure they would keep up with their high volume of needs and quality refreshments at their restaurants. Within 3 years after showing a solid track record with the system Coolers became a trusted distributor for Multiplex. As a result of hard work and dedication Coolers Inc. was awarded Distributor of the Year in 1990. And awards for installers of the quarter have been awarded to Coolers Inc. more times than any other Multiplex Distributor.

Currently, Coolers Inc. is responsible for the refrigeration installation, preventative maintenance, and service of over 3,000 McDonald's restaurants in the area.



Throughout the 1970s as the chain restaurant concept bloomed, Coolers Inc. became the "go-to" company for many large chain restaurants whose needs were rapid and effective refrigeration, walk-in cooler, and drink system installation across the city, and prompt service available 24 hours a day to keep up with ever-changing demand.

During these years Coolers Inc. saw their relationship with many world famous fast-food chains grow substantially: Jack in the box, Burger King, McDonalds to name a few. We are very proud to say that many of the client relationships we enjoy today were established over 40 years ago and are still growing and remain strong.

Manitowoc Corporation

In 1982, Coolers Inc. was approached by Manitowoc Corporation to represent them in the Texas market as the customer service representative for the greater Houston area and south Texas.

Coolers Inc. is regarded as one of the top FASs for Manitowoc and has held these distinctions for many years as reflected in the awards received throughout the years. Coolers Inc. ensures the highest quality for Manitowoc products and has elevated the Manitowoc brand in the Texas market. Therefore, they are now one of the highest quality products with the best factory support.

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Growth and Sustained Relationships

Throughout the 80’s and the 90’s Coolers Inc. has participated in many large commercial projects. Coolers, Inc. provided walk-in coolers, refrigeration, and related equipement as well as serviced equipment in the Astrodome and Enron Field for ARAMARK. We have also been a key refrigeration and kitchen equipment supplier and warranty service agent for Houston Independent School District (The largest ISD in Texas) for over 35 years. We hold the distinction for being the installation company for the Houston I.S.D. cook/chill commissary, the largest food commissary for a school district in the United States, which cooks and delivers over 50 million meals annually. Coolers Inc. is also contracted to maintain and provide warranty service support for more than 300 H.I.S.D. schools. We also provide equipment and service for many surrounding districts such as Fort Bend, Katy, Clear Creek, Montgomery - to name a few of the many distinguished districts we proudly provide quality service and refrigeration and kitchen products for.

Today, Coolers Inc. has relationships with many of the major commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment manufacturers and is well respected as the company that will represent and handle any refrigeration service and equipment needs. We ensure quality operations for the highest volume restaurants with the help of our manufacturing partners in order to establish a reputation for ourselves, as well as, the manufacturers' products of performing at the highest standards in the industry.

We pride ourselves on the long lasting relationships with many great restaurants we all enjoy such as Chick-Fil-A, TGI Fridays, Panera Bread, Perry's Steakhouse, Pizza Hut, Outback, and McCormick & Schmidt's. If you're in the food service industry in Texas you ought to know Coolers Inc. and the level of service that our core values have enabled us to maintain in an ever-changing industry.

The Future

After 50 years in business Coolers Inc. is in its 3rd generation of family ownership and is currently run by Mike Dickson. Coolers Inc. is focused on providing the same professionalism and quality service it has been known for with a vision for expansion into new segments of the market and further growth to meet all of our customers' current and future needs. We look forward to earning your business and adding you to our family of great partners and friends.