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Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring

For pharmaceutical labs & manufacturing, and pharmaceutical cold chain storage & distribution.

We offer the most comprehensive and reliable pharmaceutical monitoring systems on the market. The Hanwell systems are designed to ensure that pharmaceutical goods are strictly monitored and precise records kept and stored safely and in compliance. Alerts can be customized based on the environmental criteria you specify and per regulatory requirements. With immediate notifications to the appropriate personnel any fluctuations in environmental conditions can be addressed promptly and avoid potentially costly product loss and will be completely documented for compliant record keeping.

What can our Hanwell Pharmaceutical Monitoring Systems Measure?



Light &  UV





Shock & Vibration

Recommended Pharmaceutical Industry Solution:

Hanwell Pro with EMS Software

Superior Environmental Monitoring System with High Accuracy Sensors & LCD Display

The Hanwell Pro product line is the most reliable, durable, and scalable monitoring system for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Nothing on the market can match the comprehensive technology that is available through the Hanwell Pro range. It is a complete solution that meets regulatory standards and includes software validation when applicable.

Monitor what you want, as often as you want and access alarms and data wherever you want.

• 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
• GDP/GMP Quality Assurance
• Multiple Site Monitoring
• Multiple Parameter Monitoring
• 24/7 Data Recording and Custom Alerts
• Data Accessible Anywhere
• Comprehensive software reporting & analysis