Ice Machine Leasing Options

Coolers Inc. is offering more options for your business to acquire necessary ice machine equipment. 

Now available to our Houston area customers and local restaurants, bars, and other commercial businesses looking for more flexible options with lower upfront costs and easier maintenance.

Benefits of Leasing an Ice Machine

  • Lower Upfront Cost

    Kitchen equipment and ice machines can be a large investment for restaurants of any size. A lease allows you to acquire the appropriate equipment without the high upfront payment due upon purchase.

  • Stay Up-to-Date

    Leasing an ice machine gives you the flexibility to swap out your equipment to newer models as they are released and helps you avoid investing in equipment that could become quickly out-dated after purchase.

  • Easy Budgeting

    With set monthly payments based on the lease terms agreed upon, there are no surprises or guessing games when it comes to the monthly cost of your ice machine which allows for easier budgeting, especially with maintenance included. 

  • Scalability

    A lease option allows you the flexibility to scale your ice machine equipment as your demand grows. If you start out with a smaller capacity machine and realize your demand has grown, you are able to upgrade the model to meet your needs as your business continues to expand.

Ice Machine Lease

Ready to lease an ice machine?

If you are a new restaurant or business acquiring all new equipment and looking for some flexibility, this is a great option for you!