Soda & Beverage Dispenser Systems

Coolers Inc. is a trusted installer and service provider for brands such as Coca-Cola, Multiplex, Servend, and more. We offer installations and maintenance/repair service for Houston restaurants and business. From fast-food chains, cafes, to fast-casual dining, and large chains, we can handle all size projects.

Types of Beverage Systems:

Beverage Equipment Repairs

Countertop Beverage Systems

Countertop systems and soda fountains are a great way to offer easy drink fill and refill access to your customers. These units are available in various sizes starting at 6 drink levers and go up to 12. Although they require countertop space these beverage systems are great options for small café, fast-food and fast-casual chains. Also available with automatic ice dispensing.

Beverage Equipment Repairs

Drop-In Beverage Systems

Drop-In systems are freestanding equipment which do not require any counter space. These beverage systems are a convenient option to place in the front of the house & in back of the house for quick access. However, ice must be loaded into the bin & scooped for serving. Ideal for larger restaurants that need convenient access to soda systems as multiple points of service.