Remote and Direct Draw Draft Beer Systems

From small cafes or bars to high volume breweries or clubs, we provide the appropriate draft beer systems according to your business' needs. We offer direct draw refrigeration units, kegerators, and beer systems. For higher volume bars, we offer remote draft beer systems, and, various sizes of kegerators. Coolers will provide the best draft beer systems for you based on the space requirements and beverage volume of your establishment.

Types of Draft Beer Systems:

Direct Draw Beer Beverage Equipment Installation

Direct Draw Draft Beer Systems

Direct Draw Beer systems are freestanding units that can hold as few as one single keg up to multiple kegs at a time. The kegs are properly stored at 38 °F keeping beer ready for serving. These units have shorter lines from keg to spout, so there is less maintenance. There are many types of direct draw beer systems including kegerators and Club top dispenser that can be configured to fit your needs. Direct draw beer systems do take up valuable space behind the bar and can draw attention when kegs need to be replaced, whereas, remote systems do not.

Remote Draw Draft Beer Systems Perlick

Remote Draw Draft Beer Systems

Remote draw beer systems are great options for higher volume bars and restaurants, especially, those with a wide variety of beer selections and frequent keg change outs. With remote systems, the kegs are typically stored in a walk-in refrigerator in an area completely separate from the bar itself. This frees up more space behind the bar and keeps kegs out of sight of the customer. This option can be more costly to install and may require more maintenace, but is ideal for higher volume establishments that offer more beer selections.