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Healthcare Temperature Monitoring

For hospitals, clinics, labs or any FDA regulated storage facilities.

Whether your healthcare monitoring systems need to track temperatures in medical refrigerators, cold rooms, blood banks, or any critical storage equipment, our solutions provide the tools that assist in regulatory compliance and complete validation for applicable facilities.

Our healthcare monitoring systems are comprehensive for all types of medical facilities, such as, hospitals, clinics, labs, blood banks, opreating theaters, etc. These systems safely monitor and store data for ongoing analysis and record keeping. 24/7 alerts can be customized to ensure prompt responses to any alarm criteria you pre-deteremine (i.e. temperature variances, door-openings, etc.).

What can our healthcare monitoring systems measure?



Light & UV



Our healthcare monitoring systems can measure multiple parameters including temperature, humidity (%RH), Airflow, Carbon Dioxide, and differential pressure as well as door events (extended opens). These parameters can be measured within a single cold room or medical refrigerator or freezer, or, can be expanded through an entire hospital system and to multiple sites or refrigeration units.

Popular Healthcare Industry Solutions:

Healthcare Monitoring Systems Notion Lite

Hanwell Lite

Temperature Monitoring "Plug & Play" System

Hanwell Lite is a cost-effective, easy to use, and simple to install temperature monitoring solution. This product line is ideal for smaller operations or healthcare facilities that need to only track and monitor temperature in refrigerators or freezers. 

Healthcare Monitoring Systems Notion Pro

Hanwell IceSpy

Healthcare Monitoring for Larger Hospital Systems and Multi-Parameter Applications

Hanwell IceSpy is the ideal solution for medium to large healthcare operations that may require multi-parameter and multi-site monitoring. Typically used in refrigerators, cold rooms, medicine storage, labratories, and more. The Hanwell IceSpy transmitters are built to monitor temperature, humidity, and door events. With additional sensors, Hanwell IceSpy kit can measure even more factors, such as, gases, flow rates, or pressure in operating rooms. 

Selsium Ward Healthcare Temperature Monitoring for Medical Fridges and Blood Banks

Selsium Ward

Hospital Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

Selsium Ward is a hospital temperature monitoring system designed specifically for clinics to keep drugs safe from damage, and, the public safe from harm.  It is a reliable monitoring system with audit trails and reports for FDA compliance. This system not only helps free up nurses' time from manual reporting, but also reduces the risk of administering ineffective vaccines and helps to eliminate medicine waste.