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Food-Service Refrigeration Monitoring

The Hanwell range of intelligent food temperature monitoring products provides you with the tools necessary to properly store and preserve food and stay compliant throughout the cold chain.

Whether your aim is to maintain temperatures in one, or multiple walk-in coolers or freezers, reach-in refrigerators, or other cold storage units, we have a solution that will help you meet national regulations such as HACCP and FDA, and will protect your inventory and customers from potentially undetected food spoilage.

What can the Hanwell sensors measure?


Monitors temperature ranges from -328° F to +230° F


Monitors humidity from 0% to 100%RH.

Light & UV

Monitors visible range 10 to 20,000 LUX and UV power range 0 to 8,000 mW/m2.

Air Flow

Measures level of air flow.


Monitors CO2 range 0 to 4,000 ppm.

Food Temperature Monitoring Solutions:

Temperature Monitoring

Handheld Thermometers

Our cost-effective, easy to use, point and probe handheld thermometers are ideal for measuring food temperature with rapid response readings.

Measurement: Temperature Only, Manual

Environment: Food Retail

Food Temperature Monitoring Hanwell Lite

Hanwell Lite

'Plug & Play' Kit

Wireless temperature monitoring system that is used for 24/7 autonomous food refrigeration monitoring and data logging. Hanwell Lite is an easy to use solution that can be self-installed in 5 easy steps. 

Measurement: Temperature, Door Sensor

Environment: Food Retailers, Butcher Shops, Restaurants 

Food-Service Refrigeration Monitoring Solution Notion Pro

Hanwell IceSpy

Premium Kit

Hanwell IceSpy is our premium, reliable and affordable wireless temperature monitoring system with competitive accuracy, cold-chain solutions and radio strength that overcomes most typical applications.

Measurement: Temperature, Door Sensor, Air Flow, Humidity, Pressure, Energy

Environment: Cold Supply Chain, Restaurants, Refrigerated Warehouses, Heated Storage, Dry Storage

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