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Common Draft Beer System Issues

Common Draft Beer System Issues

Too Foamy, or, Flat

If temperatures are too warm it could cause your beer to pour overly foamy. Beer that is kept too cold can also result in a flat pour. Either way, it’s not a pleasant experience for your customers.

Improper Pressure

CO2 pressure that is too high can also be the culprit for an overly foamy beer. And, vice versa – too low and you have yourself a flat beer.

Cloudy or Sour Beer

If the beer appears cloudy or hazy (unintentionally) you may be due for a line cleaning or your glassware should be inspected for cleanliness. Dirty lines, obstructions in the beer hose, dirty faucets, hoses, keg couplers, and even dirty glass ware can cause all of the above mentioned issues. Also, double check your beer hasn’t expired!

Tip: Beer lines need to be cleaned at least every two weeks for proper maintenance and food safety.

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