Commercial Refrigeration

We provide new and replacement refrigeration equipment and services specifically to accommodate your space and storage requirements. We offer systems for all types of commercial refrigeration, including walk-ins, display, reach-ins, and more.

If you have previously purchased your refrigeration unit, we are a factory-certified service provider for most major brands of walk-in refrigeration and can provide new installations.

Types of Walk-In Commercial Refrigeration:

Pre-fabricated Walk-In Refrigeration and Cold Rooms

Pre-Fabricated Walk-In Refrigeration & Cold Rooms

Pre-Fabricated Walk-In Refrigeration and Cold Rooms are pre-configured units. Selecting a Pre-fabricated unit allows for easier relocation and future expansion; however, there are limited sizes and configurations compared to custom built-in walk-in coolers and freezers. We do not stock walk-ins, but are happy to guide you through the ordering process and installation.

*Image features a Kolpak Walk-In.

Custom Built-In Walk-In Refrigeration and Cold Rooms

Custom Built-In Walk-In Refrigeration & Cold Rooms

Custom built-in units allow you to build the walk-in cooler, freezer, or combo according to your facility's space requirements and / or restrictions. Our team will help you select the appropriate storage capacity and compressor that is best suited for your perishable storage needs. Factory-authorized installations.

*Image features a Welbilt Walk-In.

Commercial Refrigeration Features to Consider:

Sizes and Storage Capacity

Pre-fab walk-in refrigeration and cold rooms are available from manufacturers in various sizes ranging from 48" to 120" wide and 70" to 168" in length. Capacities start at approximately 105 cubic ft. and go up to almost 900 cubic ft.

Refrigeration Systems

You can select the type of refrigeration system that works best for your business. Options include top-mount, side-mount, and remote compressors. The side-mount and remote systems will work best for facilities where the ceiling and/or floor space is limited.

Walk-In Door Options

Refrigeration units come with a few different options for the doors. Doors are available with and without windows and also with self-closing mechanisms. These different options help to extend the life of the door itself and prevent the loss of cold air.

Flooring (Optional)

Installing floors for your walk-in refrigeration and cold rooms aids in extending the life of your compressor and refrigeration system. Selecting an appropriate floor helps to completely insulate the room and prevent condensation from accumulating which can become a slipping hazard.

Our Most Installed Commercial Refrigeration Brands: