Commercial Ice Machines

Top Quality Brands at Competitve Prices

We offer top quality commercial ice machines for sale from top manufacturers, such as Manitowoc, at some of the most competitive prices in Houston. We understand that finding reliable commercial ice makers at the right price is essential to operations in the Food-Service, Hospitality, and Healthcare industries. We strive to provide you with the best equipment for your business that fits your needs and budget.

Commercial Ice Machines Types:

Modular Commercial Ice Machines

Modular Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Modular Ice Machines allow for the most flexibility when it comes to your equipment configuration options. You are able to select the head unit (ice maker) and the bin (ice storage) independently of each other based on what's best for your business. The modular units are not standalone units, and therefore, should be paired with an ice bin or dispenser.

*Image features a Manitowoc Ice Machine.

Undercounter Commercial Ice Machines

Undercounter Commercial Ice Machines

Ice Machines that are, as the name suggests, designed to fit beneath your counter space in your Food-Service establishment - bar, restaurant, etc. The Undercounter ice machine units are typically self-contained, meaning, the ice machine and storage bin are combined in one unit and can standalone. This type of ice machine is ideal for lower-volume settings within your restaurant, cafe, or bar.

*Image features a Manitowoc Ice Machine.

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Dispenser Commercial Ice Machines

Hotel ice machines and dispensers are specifically designed for bucket filling and are usually placed on each floor of hotels/motels or hospitality establishments. Commercial ice machines for beverage dispensers are typically compact units and can be installed on any type of beverage system (*adapter may be required for certain brands).

*Image features a Manitowoc Ice Machine.

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Countertop Commercial Ice Machines

The countertop ice machines are more compact and have small ice storage bins which makes them great options for low-volume commercial ice machine needs. These units typically dispense easy to chew nugget style ice and can be combined to dispense water, making them well suited for medical facilities and hospitals, or, breakrooms and cafeterias.

*Image features a Manitowoc Ice Machine.

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Our Most Popular Brands of Commercial Ice Machines:

Manitowoc Ice Machine Product Lines:
Modular Ice Machines

Indigo NXT Series

Indigo Series

S-3300 Ice Cube Machine

Flaker RFF-Model Ice Machines

Nugget RNF-Model Ice Machines

Remote Ice Machines

Indigo Series QuietQube® Remote Ice Cube Machines

S-307C QuietQube® Remote Ice Cube Machines

Flaker RFF-Model Ice Machines

Nugget RNF Remote Nugget Ice Machine

Undercounter Ice Machines

BG-0260A Undercounter Ice Machines

NEO® Series


Sotto UG-Series

Flaker UFF-Series

Flaker RF-Series

Nugget Undercounter Ice Machines

Countertop Ice Machines

CNF0201 Countertop Nugget Ice Maker & Dispenser

CNF0300A Bite Sizes Nugget Undercounter Ice Machine

Dispenser Ice Machines

SPA Series Ice Dispensers

SFA-291 Ice Dispensers

IB-Series Remote Ice Cube Machine

IB QuietQube® Series

Follett Ice Machine Product Lines:
Food-Service Ice Machines

Integrated Icemaker Bin

Maestro Plus 425 Series ice Machine

Horizon Elite 710 Series ice machine

Horizon Elite 1010 series Ice machine

Horizon Elite 1410 series

Horizon 1650 series

Horizon Elite 2110 series

Healthcare Ice Machines & Bins

Integrated Icemaker Bin

Maestro Plus 425 Chewblet

Maestro Plus 425 Flake Ice Machine

Slope Front Bin

Horizon Elite 710 series

Ice & Water Dispensers

Symphony Plus 12 Series Family – 425 lb dispensers

Symphony Plus 25 Series Family – 425 lb dispensers

Symphony Plus 50 Series Family – 425 lb dispensers

Symphony Plus 110 Series Family – 425 lb dispensers

7 Series Countertop Family – 125 lb dispensers (FS Only)

7 Series Freestanding Family – 125 lab dispensers (FS Only)

7 Series Undercounter Family – 125 lb dispensers (FS Only)

7 Series Undercounter-ADA Family – 125 lb dispensers (FS Only)

15 Series Countertop Family – 125 lb (FS Only)

15 Series Freestanding Family – 125 lb dispensers (FS Only)

Food-Service Ice & Bev Dispensers

Vision VU155 8 or 10 Series Ice & Bev Dispenser

Vision VU155N series ice and chilled water dispenser

Vision CVU155N series ice and water dispenser for marine applications

Vision CVU300N series ice and water dispenser for marine applications

Vision VU300B 8 or 10 series ice and beverage dispenser

Vision VU300M 20 or 24 series dual-sided ice and beverage dispenser

Koolaire Ice Machine Product Lines:
Kuber Ice Machines








Undercounter Ice Machines



Blue Air Ice Machine Product Lines:
Blue Ice