Soft-Serve Machines

The Carpigiani soft serve machines are extremely versatile for quick-service restaurants, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt parlors, as well as, fast food restaurants offering soft serve cones, fro-yo, shakes, and more.

Carpigiani 191 Series Soft Serve Machines

191 Series

The 191 series are counter top soft serve machines that are easy to use and known for making the smoothest and creamiest soft serve ice cream.

Models: 191 BAR E G | 191 BAR E P | 191 SP E G | 191 SP E P

Carpigiani 191 Magica Soft Serve Machines

191 P SP Magica Colore

This standing model is an automatic self-serve ice cream and gelato machine. With this model the customer can pay, fill cup, choose flavor, and complete transaction on their own.

Carpigiani 193 Series Soft Serve Machines

193 Series

Carpigiani counter top soft serve machine series designed for high volume production. Includes Hard-O-Tronic consistency control technology for perfectly smooth and creamy soft serve ice cream.

Models: 193 BAR G | 193 BAR AV G | 193 BAR AV P | 193 BAR P | 193 SP G | 193 SP P

Carpigiani K3 Soft Serve and Shake Machines

K 3/E M

The K3 model is a high volume unit for the combined production of shakes and sundaes. It features two independent, high volume freezers in one machine. Includes the Hard-O-Tronic consistency control technology and produces up to 84 lbs or ice cream and 88 lbs of shake.

Approved for McDonald's Restaurants.

Carpigiani Soft&Go 151 Soft Serve Machines

Soft&Go 151 Plus

A compact counter top soft serve machine that can be easily added to any restaurant, convenince store, or other food setting.

Carpigiani UF 263 G Soft Serve Machines

UF 253 E/P

The Carpigiani UF 253 E/P is a classic pump-fed soft serve twist model. Includes Hard-O-Tronic technology for consistency control.

Carpigiani UF 263 G Soft Serve Machines

UF 263 G

The UF 263 G features a classic gravity-fed twist soft serve machine. Simple and efficient design is ideal for high volume production. This model can make two different products in each cyclinder, such as, custard and sorbet, and still produce a balanced twisted cone.

Carpigiani UF 820 Tronic Soft Serve Machines

UF 820 E Tronic

The UF 820 E Tronic soft serve machine from Carpigiani is their high capacity duel flavor twist soft serve pump model which outperforms similar models in order to meet the highest production demands, yet is still simple and efficient to operate.

Carpigiani XVL 3 P Soft Serve Machines


Another top performing design from Carpigiani, the XVL 3 is a twin twist floor standing pump machine that produces soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt (fro-yo).