Shake Machines

Carpigiani shake machines are great for commercial applications with both small-batch and high-volume models available. The K3 is an ideal option for quick service restaurants and is approved and used in McDonald's Restaurants across the nation.

Carpigiani K3 Soft Serve and Shake Machines

K 3/E M

Approved Shake Machine for McDonald's Restaurants.

The K3 model is a high volume unit for the combined production of shakes and sundaes. It features two independent, high volume freezers in one machine. Includes the Hard-O-Tronic consistency control technology and produces up to 84 lbs or ice cream and 88 lbs of shake.

Carpigiani 191 K SP Shake Machine Front View

191 K SP

This small batch, space efficient, counter top ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and custard machine allows you to easily add a wide variety of artisan desserts to your restaurant menu. Ideal for fine dining restaurants, hotels, or other venues looking to experiment with smaller gelato or ice cream batches and unique new flavors.