Commercial Ice Cream Machines

Many of the Carpigiani gelato equipment is also designed to make a variety of other frozen desserts, including traditional American Ice Cream that is heavier on the butterfat. These options are ideal for any business interested in expanding their dessert selection and catering to a wider audience.

Front view of a Freeze&Go small batch gelato machine


This small batch, space efficient, counter top ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and custard machine allows you to easily add a wide variety of artisan desserts to your restaurant menu. Ideal for fine dining restaurants, hotels, or other venues looking to experiment with smaller gelato or ice cream batches and unique new flavors.

Front view of an LB 100B gelato machine

LB 100B

This counter top gelato, sorbet, and ice cream machine allows you to easily add a wide variety of frozen desserts on-demand.

Front view of LB 200 gelato machine

LB 200 Tronic G

A counter top batch freezer that produces a range of products including gelato, sorbet, premium custard, and low overrun frozen desserts.

Front view of LB 502 G RTX gelato machine

LB RTX G Series

A classic Carpigiani machine range that allows you to create a wide range of low overrun frozen products including gelato, sorbet, premium ice cream, custard, and more. Another great option for a start-up frozen dessert business.

Models: LB 302 RTX G | LB 502 RTX G | LB 1002 RTX G

Front view of LB G RTX TRU-2 gelato machine

LB RTX G TRU-2 Series

This dynamic Carpigiani model range allows you to create both high and low overrun frozen products such as ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbert, custard, water ice and more. A versatile machine that would be great for startup ice cream or gelato businesses.

Models: LB 302 RTX G TRU-2 | LB 502 RTX G TRU-2 | LB 1002 RTX G TRU-2

Front view of pastomaster gelato and pastry machine

Pastomaster RTX Series

A staple Carpigiani heat treatment equipment model that can be used to prepare base mixtures for ice cream, gelato, and custard - as well as - prepare gourmet specialities such as pudding, chocolate syrups, and more.

Models: Pastomaster 60 RTX | Pastomaster 120 RTX

Front view of Ready G TRU Series gelato machine

Ready G TRU-2 Series

The Ready G TRU-2 series is another Carpigiani range of products that allows you to heat and batch freeze mixtures. These models product the best ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbert, frozen custard, water ice, and more all in one machine.

Models: Ready 302 G TRU-2  | Ready 502 G TRU-2 | Ready 802 G TRU-2