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Create a high demand dessert menu for every season.

It is now easier than ever to add a wide variety of frozen desserts to your menu. The versatility and impeccable quality of Carpigiani equipment allows operators to produce everything from small-batch artisan gelato, ice cream, high-volume shakes, soft-serve, sorbet, pastries, chocolates, and more, at just the touch a button.


Artisan Gelato Equipment

With over 25 different gelato production models designed specifically for authentic, premium gelato, we are sure to have the right equipment to fit your business goals. The range of models accommodates everything from small batch to high volume demands and can include settings and options for a variety of other desserts depending on the model.

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Ice Cream Equipment

Many of the gelato production equipment is designed to also make a variety of other delicious frozen desserts, including traditional American Ice Cream that is heavier on the butterfat. These options are ideal for any business interested in expanding their dessert selection and catering to a wider audience.

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Soft-Serve Equipment

The Carpigiani soft-serve equipment models are extremely versatile for quick-service restaurants, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt parlors, and even fast food restaurants offering soft serve cones, fro-yo, shakes, and more.

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Shakes & Sundaes Equipment

There are several options for establishments looking to offer shakes and sundaes to their customers. The K3 model is currently widely used across McDonald's restaurants for high volume shakes, sundaes, and soft-serve and are easy to operate and maintain with the touch of a button.

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Equipment for Pastries & More

Some of the most versatile equipment from Carpigiani include a range of programming options that can create ice cream and gelato along with pastries, syrups, creams, custards, chocolates, and even some savory dishes.

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Coolers Inc. is the Texas distributor and a factory authorized service agent (including McDonald's) for Carpigiani USA (Ali Group Company).

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