Commercial Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers
For Bakeries and Restaurants

Blast chillers and shock freezers are designed to very quickly cool ingredients to the appropriate temperatures, so that bacteria does not have the chance to grow. Shock chillers and shock freezers significantly reduce the amount of time that food spends in the “danger zone” (between 40º F to 140º F) as opposed to a traditional refrigerator or freezer. By doing so, these blast chillers help to prevent foodborne illness caused by improperly stored foods such as fish, meat, or diary. It also helps to prolong and preserve any pre-made food items.

Commercial Blast Chillers Delfield Houston

Types of Blast Chillers & Feezers

Commercial Blast Chillers are available in many different configurations including Self-Contained, Reach-In, Roll-In, and Roll-thru. The best configuration for your business depends on (1) the type of business (2) space requirements, and (3) the volume of food needed to be rapidly cooled. Commonly used in bakeries and commercial kitchens. 

*Image features a Delfield Blast Chiller.

Commercial Blast chillers and Shock Freezers Houston

Types of Blast Chilling

Most blast chillers have various chill settings. Soft Chill is for delicate products like produce, fish, & pasta. Hard Chill is used for items like prepared meats, pizza, or lasagnas. Hard Chill "Max" is typically used for high density foods or fattier foods. Shock Freeze quickly freezes  items to be used later with almost no damage to appearance, structure, or flavor. 

*Image feature a Bev-Air Blast chiller.

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