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For Houston Bars & Restaurants

There’s nothing worse than a warm beer on a hot Houston day. So, having reliable bar refrigerators and bottle coolers a crucial componenet to keeping your restaurant or bar customers happy. Our decades-long partnerships with some of the best bar refrigerators and cooler manufacturers allows us to provide quality equipment at competitive pricing. We'll help you find the bar refrigerators or coolers in the right size and appropriate model to fit your business.

Types of Bar Refrigerators and Coolers

Back Bar Refrigerators Everest Bar Equipment Houston

Back-Bar Refrigerators

Back Bar Refrigerators are a great option for establishments that need to maximize their storage in compact spaces, i.e. behind a small bar or in a cafe. Backbar refrigerators are available with storage compartments for kegs, bottled or canned beer, six-packs, as well as direct draw tap systems to serve beer straight from the keg.

Bar Refrigerators Bottle Coolers Deep Well Coolers Beer Refrigerators Houston

Bottle Coolers

Another essential item to add to your bar refrigerators inventory is a bottle cooler or deep well cooler. Bottle coolers can fit behind the bar or under bar for efficient use of space. This allows for quick service of bottled beer at the proper temperature. Bottle coolers are available as horizontal or box coolers and are great options for bars, cafes, and convenience stores.

Bar Refrigerators Glass Chillers Glass Frosters Houston

Glass Frosters / Chillers

Make an impact when serving your premium beers with nicely frosted glasses and mugs. Small touches go a long way in the service industry, so your customer will surely appreciate a frosty glass as they enjoy a cold refreshing beverage. Glass frosters and chillers are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate small bars to larger scale restaurants and high volume bars.

Not sure which refrigerators are best for your business? Our team can help.

Let us walk you through the process of selecting the right type, size, and brand of Bar Refrigeration and/or Kegerators.