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Recent Projects: Roti Modern Mediterranean – Houston, TX

For this project we partnered with ADE consultants as the installer for the kitchen equipment in the second location of Roti Modern Mediterranean in Houston, TX. Our role in this kitchen install included point of service shelving, hand wash sinks, dish wash wall shelving, walk-in cooler and freezer shelving, a partition wall, walk-in cooler trim,…

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Recent Projects: Mia’s Table – Katy, TX

We partnered with C&T Design and Equipment for this full kitchen install at the 4th location of Mia’s Table located in Katy, TX. The project began earlier this year and was set in motion middle of June. We were responsible for receiving and building out the walk-in freezer and cooler as well as much of…

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Proud CFESA Member

We are proud to be a member of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA). CFESA is a trade association of professional service and parts distributors. As a member we are responsible for having the right parts and quipment our customers need for the commercial kitchen equipment to stay up and running. We stock the…

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Top 5 Factors to Consider When it Comes to Preventative Maintenance

How do you know if you need a preventative maintenance plan for your refrigeration equipment? We’ve compiled the top 5 factors to consider when it comes to your refrigeration maintenance… 1. Product Loss How much product are you willing to risk due to refrigeration failure? A full reach-in refrigerator’s worth of food? What about a…

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Why is my walk-in cooler not cooling?

If your walk-in units or other commercial refrigerators and/or freezers are not holding the proper temperature it could be caused by one of these 5 common problems we have seen over the years. Top 5 Most Common Issues: 1. Temperature Control Settings The temperature control settings are one of the first things to check before…

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Running a ‘Limited Time Offer’ for Your Menu

Tips to Get Started If you’re looking to boost sales this summer you may want to consider a Limited Time Offer (LTO) for your menu. LTO’s can help to bring in new customers, boost sales from current customers while also allowing you to test new menu items or packaging ideas. You will need to decide…

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Prep Tables, Chef Bases, Worktops – What’s the Difference?

When searching for the right refrigeration for your commercial kitchen, it can quickly become overwhelming with all of the options available. Not to mention, the added pressure that refrigeration can be one of the most important components when it comes to the efficiency of your kitchen makes it all the more important to select the…

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Employees of the Month – May 2019

Our May 2019 employees of the month are Norma (Office) and Toby (Field) . We wanted to recognize these two employees for maintaining positive attitudes and performing their jobs exceptionally well throughout the month of May. It is very much appreciated! Congrats to Toby and Norma for receiving the May 2019 employees of the month…

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Temperature Data Logging

Food-safety is likely a top priority for any food-service business, and, a huge componenet of food-safety is properly storing food items at the proper temperatures. The FDA recommends tracking and logging refrigerator temperatures throughout the day at regular intervals. This practice helps give you an idea of your refrigerator or freezer’s operational performance over time…

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services

When a food-service business is setting up their commercial kitchen for ideal operations, it is critical for the equipment to be placed, installed, and started up correctly in order to be successful. A cohesive kitchen layout with properly outfitted equipment and professional installation will play a large role in the timeliness and efficiency of your…

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