Hot-Side Start-Up & Maintenance Tips

Are you re-starting existing equipment after an extended shutdown? Or wondering how to maintain a newly purchased hot-side appliance? We’ve listed a few important reminders & maintenance tips for your hot-side equipment.

Evaluate for Gas Leaks. When restarting equipment it’s important to pay close attention and make sure everything is running as it should – it’s especially important to make sure there are no gas leaks. If you smell gas or suspect there may be a leak, leave your kitchen immediately and report the gas leak ASAP.

Clean, Clean, Clean! Best practice before restarting existing equipment is to clean it thoroughly – regardless of whether or not you cleaned it prior to shutdown. And, if you did not clean before shutdown, just note this process may take a little bit longer and require some extra scrubbing to remove leftover debris and grease that collected and caked on to the equipment.

Check the Power Supply. When you’re safely ready to restart your equipment, always double check that the power source is on and the equipment is, in fact, connected. This simple check will ensure you don’t waste time and money on an unnecessary service call – you’d be surprised how often this happens! However, if the power is on and the equipment still doesn’t start up for you, you may need a service professional for further inspection.

Regular Maintenance is Key. For each type of cooking equipment the proper maintenance is crucial to the safety and smooth operations of your commercial kitchen. Most equipment manufacturers will recommend a full maintenance service every 2-3 months along with additional daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, such as cleanings, boil outs, and filter replacements.

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