Carpigiani LB 100 Batch Freezers

Great In Any Setting

The Carpigiani LB 100 is a relatively compact counter-top batch freezer that brings authentic Italian gelato, smooth ice cream, and flavorful sorbet to restaurants on-demand. This versatile little machine allows users to create high-quality, freshly made frozen desserts in a variety of settings – from bakeries and restaurants, to hotels and commercial kitchens.  


Just pour in your mixture, push a button, and go! The consistency control feature will stop the freezing mechanism once the mixture’s ideal consistency has been reached. The machine then alerts users that it is time to extract the gelato or ice cream right at the appropriate consistency. The LB 100 ease of use enables chefs to create frozen desserts with both classic mixtures, as well as, experiment with more modern, creative recipes that entice the adventurous diners at just the touch of a button.