Touchless Ice Dispensers & Conversion Kits

In today’s world, sanitary practices are in the spotlight of practically every industry, but in particular, the foodservice and hospitality industries. With a newly heightened focus on less hand contact and fewer touchpoints in places of business, ice dispensers are one of the high touchpoint areas where you may want to consider going ‘touchless’.

Manitowoc Ice produces several ‘touchless’ hotel-style ice dispenser models, as well as, an affordable conversion kit compatible with certain models. These options will help to reduce the spread of germs through frequent hand-to-equipment contact.

The Manitowoc SPA and SFA hotel-style ice dispenser models come in touchless configurations and are available for purchase. However, if your current SPA or SFA model ice dispenser is not touchless, there are conversion kits available at a minimal cost (see compatible models below).

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