Medical Refrigeration, Vaccines, & COVID-19

The CDC has extensive guidelines published for storing vaccines and other therapeutics, along with how the refrigerators used to store them must be monitored and temperatures logged 24/7. Meaning, those refrigerators in a doctors’ office or at a pharmacy, have much more going on than what meets the eye…

We are located right next door to the Texas Medical Center, so we also serve refrigeration clients in the medical field – not just foodservice. For these clients, refrigeration is absolutely critical, since they may be storing life saving vaccines, medications, or other medical materials. We have specialized technicians on staff that are trained to service these scientific refrigerators and ultralow freezers.

This past year has, of course, been an interesting one where our skills on the medical side were utilized at both the COVID-19 testing sites and, more recently, at the vaccine sites.

When testing first began in Houston, we were asked to service reach-in coolers at a few of the sites. These reach-in units were necessary for storing the specimens that would be sent off for evaluation. And as you may suspect, there were CDC guidelines for the specific temperature requirements for storage these speciments that were crucial to accurate testing results.

More recently, we were asked to service several new ultra-low freezers at a facility here in Houston that was preparing to receive the COVID-19 vaccines. This organization purchased brand new freezers that needed to be calibrated and programmed appropriately to properly store the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that required temperatures as low as -70 C (or -94 F).

Refrigeration is a vital component of almost every industry and can often be taken for granted – until a unit goes down and the critical inventory inside is at stake. When that does happen, we are at the ready to help our customers across all industries get back up and running.