Benefits of Blast Chilling

What is a Blast Chiller/Freezer?

A blast chiller is a type of commercial freezer that rapidly cools food products. These freezers are designed to safely cool food from either room temperature, chilled, or from hot while maintaining freshness and avoiding bacteria growth.

Benefits of Blast Chilling

Blast chilling essentially brings the temperature of cooked or prepared foods down quickly, so bacteria is not given the opportunity to grow in what’s known as the ‘danger zone’ – when temperatures are between 40 degrees Farenheit and 140 degrees Farenheit. Not only does blast chilling avoid the potential for foodborne illness causing bacteria, the ‘shock’ factor of the chilling process also maintains freshness and actually extends the shelf-life of the product.

Blast Chilling Frozen Desserts

Blast freezing frozen desserts is also extremely important to maintaining product quality and extending freezer shelf-life.

If you place freshly made ice cream or gelato products into a regular freezer, the longer freeze-time allows large ice crystals to form which will leave your ice cream or gelato not-so-creamy anymore with less volume and lacking that freshly made taste.

If, in contrast, you placed your ice cream or gelato into a blast freezer, the water in the product is rapidly transformed into much smaller microcrystals. This keeps the product from becoming freezer burned and maintains its volume and smooth, creamy structure.

Featured Product: Nordika Gelateria Blast Freezers & Chillers

For any operators interested in a blast freezer for their ice cream or gelato parlor, bakery, or restaurant, we offer the Nordika range of blast freezers from Carpigiani. 

Quick Transfer to Display Cabinet:

You will find that after just 15 minutes of blast freezing, the surface of the ice cream or gelato product is hardened which preserves the product and protects it from thermal shock when it is transferred to the display counter. 

Storing Ice Cream/Gelato in the Blast Chiller:

You can store the frozen dessert products in the blast chiller by utilizing the product core probe. Once the product reaches -0.4 degrees F, the product is set completely. When ready to use, your product can be transferred to the dispaly cabinet where it becomes reconditioned at 6.8 degrees F and is ready for serving.