Ice Machine Manufacturer Warranty: What’s Covered, What’s Not?

We’ve put together some good-to-know items to keep in mind when scheduling warranty service and a few other tips that every ice machine owner should be aware of.

If you need specific warranty coverage information, you can typically find model specific equipment warranty periods and the terms and conditions on the manufacturer’s website.

Reminder: All warranty service must be performed by a factory authorized service provider. We are authorized for most major brands, and have been approved with Manitowoc for nearly 40 years.

What IS covered?

Typically, the parts and labor required to fix your ice machine prior to its warranty expiration date is covered.*

*What is NOT covered?

– Travel time

– Overtime

– Accessing or removing the machine, and shipping

– Cleaning, Adjustments, Maintenance

– Any part that is altered unauthorized by the factory

– Any part this has been misused, abused, or neglected

– Any ice machine that was not installed or maintained according to the factory manual or instructions

– Any ice machine with unapproved accessories

What can void your warranty?

– Installing accessories that are not factory authorized unless you have received approval from the manufacturer in writing.

– If you do not use the equipment the way it is supposed to be used, or if you do not adequately maintain your equipment (refer to your manual for suggested maintenance and cleaning recommendations – different models may have different specifications)

– Plugging into the wrong voltage electrical outlet or sometimes using an extension cord

– Improper / Unauthorized installation

Factory warranty is great for covering issues that are no fault of your own; however, it is important to understand when, and what, exactly you’ll be covered for depending on the terms and conditions of your warranty. Be sure to familiarize yourself on how to maintain that coverage throughout the extent of the warranty period.

At Coolers Inc., we will always tell you upfront if we are warranty-authorized or not for your brand of ice machine. And, if you’re not sure if your equipment is still covered, we will do our best to help verify that for you. We always want our customers to be covered when & where they can as often as possible!