Project: aba Restaurant – Austin, TX

For this commercial kitchen installation we worked with ADE Foodservice Equipment & Design to receive and install equipment for aba Restaurant Austin, TX. Our portion of this install project included a bar install, cookline equipment, Delfield chef’s counter, dish washing sink and components, beverage counter and shelving, mop sink, and the baker’s table and dough rounding equipment. We began in May and completed our scope of work in August 2020. Check out some of our in-progress photos and details about some of the equipment they selected for their setup.

Stainless and Silicone Work

Our technicians are extremely skilled and attentive-to-detail for all stainless welding and silicone work.

Dish Sink, Table & Components

Dirty/Soiled Dish Table Welding & Polishing
Dirty/Soiled Dish Table Z-Clipped to Wall in Final Position
3 Compartment Sink Installed
Long View of Dish Area

Delfield Chef’s Counter & Cookline Equipment

Delfield Chef’s Counter In-Progress
Cookline Install In-Progress
Cookline Installed (Before Cleanup and Finishing Touches)

Glastender Bar Install

Bar Die Wall Installation In-Progress
Bar Equipment Going In

Beverage Counter & Expo Station

Prepping for Beverage Counter & Shelving Install
Expo Station in Place

Baking Station Equipment

Dutchess Dough Rounder & John Boos Bakers’ Table

If you’re interested in a full commercial kitchen equipment installation or individual equipment install services, you can contact us anytime to set up a site survey or consultation.

About aba Restaurant – Austin, TX

This is the first aba restaurant location to open in Texas from the Chicago-based ‘Lettuce Entertain you Enterprises’. The concept was developed by Executive Partner Marc Jacobs and Chef Partner CJ Jacobson. The menu is inspired by a lighter California style of cooking and influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. Aba is set to open this Fall in ATX. You can follow them on facebook or instagram for direct updates.