How to Prevent Corrosion in Refrigeration (Part 2)

As mentioned in part 1, the most common cause of corrosion in refrigeration is moisture combining with environmental contaminants (dust, dirt, salt, etc.). We talked about dust/dirt and keeping refrigeration clean, but for tip # 2 we talk about another contaminant – acid.

Tip # 2 – Cover the pickles and the onions!

First and foremost, all of your stored food items ought to be covered for food-safety reasons. Properly covering and sealing food is crucial to avoiding potential cross contamination and also helps keep your unit organized.

However, another important reason to keep items sealed is to prevent the on-set of corrosion. Foods such as pickles, onions, and tomatoes have high acidity which speeds up corrosion. These acidic foods emit acid into the environment which causes damage over time by eating away at the metal in your refrigeration unit and coils. These high-acid foods need to be securely covered and sealed in non-corrosive containers when stored in your refrigerator to prevent this from occurring…. so keep ’em covered!