How Often Should Ice Machines be Cleaned?

Ice is defined as ‘food’ by the FDA since it is handled by employees and ingested by customers. Ice can spread illness just as easily as other food sources if contaminated by bacteria or mold. It can be startling to learn how often forgotten ice machine maintenance is for many food-service establishments.

The FDA stipulates ice machines should be cleaned (as specified by the manufacturer) at minimum 2x per year, but 4x per year is recommended to ensure food-safety standards. However, depending on your usage, location, and water conditions you may need to have your ice machines cleaned even more often than that.

How does ice become contaminated?

Most of the time, contamination occurs due improper maintenance or irregular or infrequent cleanings. The unfortunate part, is that once a contaminant is introduced it can be quite difficult to notice until it is too late. Then, the challenge becomes removing the contaminant entirely. An ice machine cleaning at that point, would require specialized cleaners, removing all the parts, and performing a thorough scrubbing. Otherwise, any leftover mold or bacteria (even the smallest amount) will be able to resurface.

Can I clean ice machines myself?

Most ice machine manufacturers will include instructions for performing a cleaning on the equipment. However, overtime these simple instructions will not provide adequate coverage especially when you are dealing with scale buildup and potential bacteria growth. When it comes to cleanings & preventative maintenance services, it is best to call a professional ice machine cleaning technician. Our technicians are trained and highly experienced with all major brands and will know the in’s and out of the equipment.

Professional preventative maintenance will keep you on FDA approved schedules, help to reduce pre-mature wear and tear caused by scale buildup, and prevent bacteria from appearing or resurfacing. All of this done for you at locked-in pricing with little to no effort on your end – we got you covered!