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Do you need water filters for your ice machines?

The short answer is no, water filters are not required for your ice machine to operate. 

The long answer is yes, particularly for areas known to have hard water. If the tap water supplied to your ice machine is considered “hard” meaning a higher concentration of minerals, then water filters are an essential addition to your equipment. Even in soft water areas, scale will start to build up over time due to the natural minerals occurring in tap water. This scale buildup throughout the unit leads to on-going issues and significant wear & tear to the ice machine.

Benefits of Water Filters

More Efficient Ice Production

A dirty machine will have to work much harder to produce the same amount of ice as a clean unit. This additional strain on the equipment can increase energy costs as well as maintenance costs with internal parts needing repairs or replacements much sooner than if a filter had been installed.

Improves the Quality of Ice

When new ice machines are first installed and started up, they will generally make great ice that is clear in color and free of taste or odor even without a filter. However, over time the ice will begin to get cloudy and eventually develop an unpleasant order or taste due to scale or possible mold growth. A water filter is an easy way to prevent these contaminants from getting into the ice. Filters can help to avoid these problems altogether when changed at the appropriate frequency according to your specific water supply and ice production demand.

Reduce Maintenance Cost & Frequency

Without a filter, the minerals in water will eventually build up throughout the entire unit. This occurs even more rapidly in areas with hard water. Once scale develops, simply running the cleaning solution through the machine will not effectively de-scale the unit. A proper cleaning and descaling of the unit can at times require a full disassembly of the machine in order to soak any scaled up components long enough for proper removal. By installing a filter, you can keep the ice machine cleaner for longer and avoid the overwhelming scale buildup; ultimately, saving you from overly frequent and/or time consuming cleanings.

Ice Machine with Scale Build Up:

If you would like to add a water filter to your ice machine call 713-665-8886 or contact us here and our team will guide you through the order.

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