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Coolers Incorporated

2018 Employees of the Year

With 2018 coming to a close, we would like to also recognize two employees that consistently performed exceptionally throughout the entire year. When making this decision the management team looked for the two employees that they thought (1) performed their job functions well (2) maintained a great attitude and (3) were able to overcome challenges.

Our 2018 office employee of the year is, Brian Delany, from the dispatch department.

Our 2018 field employee of the year is, Phan Tran, a technician in the service department.

Both of these employees were the first to receive employee of the month when we kick-started the program earlier this year, and have continued to exemplify the characteristics mentioned above.

Brian Delany (Left) / Phan Tran (Right)

Congratulations Brian and Phan!

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