Refrigeration Monitoring Systems

The world’s most reliable, consistent, and accurate environment and temperature monitoring solutions.

We are a U.S. certified dealer for Hanwell Inc. a global manufacturer that designs and produces environmental monitoring solutions for all industries. These solutions lead the way in accuracy, radio telemetry, and software functionality. The products are FCC approved and help end-users ensure refrigerated food and/or medical storage compliance.


Flexible wireless cold chain environmental management systems which adhere to FDA regulations for hot and cold food temperature monitoring through the food chain - from production to delivery, to storage and service.

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Blood, medicines, and general healthcare product storage monitoring technology that reduces the risk of damage whilst automatically logging data required for FDA regulatory compliance.

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Wireless Monitoring Systems

Hanwell Lite Temperature Monitoring Kit

Hanwell Lite

'Plug & Play' Kit

Plug and play wirelessly automated temperature monitoring system for retail refrigeration equipment monitoring, in and out of working hours.

Hanwell IceSpy Temperature Monitoring Kit

Hanwell IceSpy

Premium Monitoring Kit

Premium, reliable and affordable environmental and temperature monitoring with competitive accuracy, cold-chain solutions and radio strength that overcomes most typical applications.

Hanwell Pro Temperature Monitoring system

Hanwell Pro

CDC Compliant with Validation

Our most superior environmental and temperature monitoring system with high accuracy sensors, LCD display and unrivaled radio strength that overcomes the most complex obstacles.

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Hanwell Inc. is a manufacturer that specializes in environmental monitoring equipment. They have created industry-specific environmental monitoring and control systems that lead the way and solve many of the problems faced with the majority of monitoring systems currently on the market. Hanwell products are FCC approved and are produced from Hanwell Solutions Ltd who operates a strict Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001.

Hanwell Inc. approached us in 2018 to become one of the first dealers in the U.S. Our expertise in refrigeration in both the food and medical industry created a strategic partnership. We recognized the value-added for customers when they implement a temperature monitoring system. Refrigeration is an essential part of food and medical businesses and we understand the value of the products being stored. Temperature monitoring systems with immediate out of temp. alerts paired with our 24/7 emergency service, we are here to help if/when your refrigeration breaksdown.