Coolers Incorporated

Environmental & Temperature Monitoring Systems

For food-safety, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. 

Coolers Inc. offers a range of environmental monitoring systems that can be tailored for any size business, facility, and budget. Learn more about each of the monitoring solutions we have available and select which product line may be best for your industry and facility type. Our premium Hanwell Pro systems can be fully validated and adhere to strict national regulations.

Monitoring Systems by Industry


Monitoring Systems for Food Processing, Distribution, and Food-Service Industries:

Our Food industry monitoring systems reduce spoilage due to improper storage temperatures or other environmental factors, such as, humidity for dry storage items. The systems also help to maintain adherence to all Food Safety regulations. These systems can be tailored to any size business looking to improve their Food-Safety or cold chain processes.

Healthcare / Hospitals

Monitoring Systems for the Healthcare Industry:

The Hanwell Pro monitoring systems for Healthcare applications provide critical monitoring for blood banks, medical fridges, vaccines storage or any medical product that is FDA regulated. With 24/7 monitoring, record keeping, and immediate alarms, this solution will keep you in compliance and reduce loss of product and, most importantly, prevent harm to patients.


Monitoring Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Our systems for the Pharma Industry are the most comprehensive systems available on the market. The highly accurate wireless monitoring and data collecting meets the strictest regulations, such as, CFR Part 11, and, GDP and GMP quality assurance. This system can monitor and record all of the critical parameters typical of Pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, & storage.

Hanwell EMS Software Overview:

Although we try to provide as much information as possible about each solution on our website, we strongly recommend setting up a consult / demonstration so that you can see the performance of the Hanwell product lines first-hand.

While on-site our team can also assess your storage needs, facility size, monitoring parameters, and recommend the monitoring system that is the most appropriate for your industry or business needs. Our solutions can be as simple as a self-installed monitoring system for a single refrigerator or walk-in cooler, to a fully comprehensive system spanning multiple cold rooms, multiple location sites, and tracking multiple parameters in real-time.