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Automated Temperature Logging / Monitoring

For restaurants, commercial kitchens, chilled distribution centers, food transport vehicles, retail refrigerators, walk-in coolers, and more.

Our refrigerator temperature monitoring systems provide the appropriate tools necessary to preserve foodstuffs and stay compliant throughout the cold chain. Customized alerts can be set up to your preferences should anything go outside of the proper conditions. This allows you to take timely, appropriate action to prevent product loss.

Temperature and refrigeration monitoring solutions are an essential component to food industry operations. Having reliable systems to track and record data will ensure you operate within all applicable food safety regulations.

What can our refrigerator monitoring systems measure?



Light & UV



Our Food industry refrigerator monitoring systems can measure multiple parameters including temperature, humidity (%RH), Airflow, Carbon Dioxide, and differential pressure as well as door events (extended opens). These parameters can be measured within a single refrigeration unit or walk-in cooler or freezer, or, depending on the product line you select, can be expanded for multiple sites, as well as, transportation vehicles within a refrigerated supply chain.

Popular Food Industry Monitoring Products:

Temperature Monitoring

Handheld Thermometers

Rapid Response Temperature Measurement

Our range of Hanwell handheld thermometers provides a wide range of rapid response temperature measurements ideal for food retail environments. Quickly scans and provides temperature readings for individual items. 

Food Temperature Monitoring Hanwell Lite

Hanwell Lite

Temperature Monitoring "Plug & Play" System

The next step from the manual handheld thermometers, the Hanwell Lite kit is a remote monitoring system. It is considered "plug and play", easy to use, and a simple to install solution. This product kit comes with up to 30 sensors and is ideal for food retailers such as, butchers, restaurants, cafes, or anywhere food items require preservation and protection from extreme or extended temperature fluctuations. 

Food-Service Refrigeration Monitoring Solution Notion Pro

Hanwell IceSpy

Monitoring for Larger Scale Food Storage or Distribution Facilities

Hanwell IceSpy is an ideal solution for medium to large companies that may require the monitoring of multiple parameters other than temperature. The Hanwell IceSpy products are typically used in refrigerators, cold warehouses, dry food storage, transport vehicles, and more. These transmitters are built to monitor temperature, humidity, and to alert should improper conditions occur. The customizable 24/7 alert notifications are available as text, email, or both with our AlarmWatch series.

Do you need a validated and compliant monitoring system?

Learn more about our compliant monitoring solutions typically used for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical applications.