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Coolers Incorporated

Draft Beer System Service & Repairs

Flat beer? Foamy beer? Warm beer? Whichever it is, no one wants to drink that beer.
From CO2 pressure checks, parts repairs or replacements, new installations, to preventative mainenance and deep cleanings, we've got your draft beer system service covered. 

Parts Replacements

When a part or component of your system breaks or malfunctions we work closely with the manufacturers to get the right part in quickly & at competitive pricing. 


If you want to expand your draft beer selections and need new taps, we can help service your beer system and select the best parts to properly install the new taps.


A common reason for flat or foamy beer is improper CO2 pressure. With a beer system service check we will correct any pressure system issue to ensure the best pour.


If beer is left in the line on the way to the tap, once poured it can taste off or unpleasant. To avoid this, it is importatnt to have your beer lines cleaned regularly.

Beer System New Installations

We provide factory-authorized new installations for draft beer systems. Whether it is a direct draw system or remote draw beer system, we will make sure the installation is done professionally and everything is running smoothly from initial start-up and onward.

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