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Direct Draw vs Remote Beer Systems

Draft Beer Systems

Direct Draw Beer Systems Direct draw beer systems are the most common and simplest type and are used when a keg of beer is located only a few feet away from the dispenser itself. They are self-contained units, meaning the beer is drawn directly from the refrigerated cabinet below it. The refrigerated cabinet keeps the…

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The New Necessity of Food-Storage


Safely storing food and avoiding spoilage due to equipment failure should be a top priority to any Food-Service business or facility storing or transporting perishable food items. Improper storage can result in costly inventory loss, non-compliance fines and legal implications, and most concerning, can cause someone to become extremely ill. Recent examples include food products…

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Employees of the Month – September 2018

Our September 2018 employees of the month are Donna Beard in accounting and technician Tran Hoa! We are honored to recognize each of them for performing their jobs exceptionally well and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the process. They both are well deserving and we thank them for going above and beyond expectations! Pictured: Donna…

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What is the best temperature to set your Commercial Refrigerator?

Commercial Refrigerator Temperature

Understanding the proper temperature settings for your refrigerator is essential knowledge for a food-service business with a walk-in cooler, reach-in refrigerator, merchandiser, refrigerated prep station, etc. Keeping perishables stored properly will maintain the quality of the food and protect customers from undetectable pathogenic bacteria, such as E. Coli or Salmonella. Bacteria grows most rapidly in…

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Employees of the Month – August 2018

Coolers Inc Employees of the Month Commercial Refrigeration Ice machines

With a team full of hard-working and talented people in the office as well as out in the field we want to recognize an employee from each sector that goes the extra mile on a monthly basis. For August 2018 the employees we would like to recognize are Michelle Carmona on our accounting team, and…

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Same Family-Owned Company, Different Logo

Serving Houston for 51 Years & Counting. With over half a century of serving the Houston area we are excited to introduce a brand logo that we believe will take Coolers Inc. into its next 50 years of business. Our goal was to update our brand to reflect our roots in commercial refrigeration and ice…

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Employees of the Month – July 2018

Commercial Ice machine commercial refrigeration houston

We are excited to launch our brand new employee of the month program! With a team full of hard-working and talented employees in the office as well as out in the field we would like to start recognizing an employee from each sector that goes the extra mile. For this past July we have kicked…

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How to Clean Ice Machines

No restaurant or Food Service business wants their name in the news for SLIME IN THE ICE MACHINE!  The FDA defines ice as food, so it is vital to ensure your ice machine is cleaned on a regular basis. We have listed a few important steps on how to clean ice machines: Access the Evaporator Compartment…

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Coolers Inc. Celebrates 50 Years In Business!

Coolers Inc Houston Texas

Coolers Inc. began in 1967 by William “Dub” Dickson Sr. (left) and his wife Ann Marie (right). Since it was established half a century ago it has remained family owned and operated by the Dickson family and is currently run by James “Jim” Dickson (center). Coolers has become the most seasoned Houston area experts in…

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Tips of the Trade: Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Refrigeration

Why is consistent cleanings and filter replacements important for commercial refrigeration equipment, such as ice machines, beverage dispensing systems, and coolers? Preventive maintenance on your commercial refrigeration equipment will help to avoid costly emergency service calls. Additionally, it can potentially extend the life of your unit; and yes, it could even reduce power consumption so…

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