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Restaurant Consumer Trends

Technomic, a foodservice research and consulting company, released a report recently detailing the trends they have identified in consumers. Although there were many interesting trends, here are two we found interesting and have heard some “buzz” about …

Natural Food Enhancers

According to Technomic, consumer interest is growing in naturally enhanced foods otherwise known as “functional foods”. These foods have ingredients that boost something in the body such as, brain function, mental health, immunity, or even skin/beauty features. Some examples of natural added food enhancements include collagen, CBD, and/or other herbs/spices known for certain health boosting benefits.

Social Media Discovery and Sharing

Another find from their study, is that consumers are discovering new restaurants increasingly through social media advertising and influencers. Furthermore, they are also using their own accounts to share images, videos, and stories of interesting menu items and food “experiences” to garner likes, shares, and increased following. Everything from color changing cocktails, glitter beer, to beautiful plating & table decor, or unique seating and quirky signage can be considered “instagram worthy”.