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Direct Draw vs Remote Beer Systems

Draft Beer Systems

Direct Draw Beer Systems

Direct draw beer systems are the most common and simplest type and are used when a keg of beer is located only a few feet away from the dispenser itself. They are self-contained units, meaning the beer is drawn directly from the refrigerated cabinet below it. The refrigerated cabinet keeps the kegs stored at the appropriate serving temperature so it is ready to pour with little chance of complication. These are commonly used for smaller bars with just a few tap selections and low daily volume and home bars.

Remote Draw Beer Systems

Remote draw beer systems are more complicated to install since the kegs are stored in a completely separate area (typically a walk-in cooler). Although they are more complicated to install and do require more maintenance, remote systems allow for a larger quantity of kegs, and a wider variety of beer selections for your customers. It also keeps the kegs out of sight of the bar area, and the bar open for more storage and/or workspace. Remote systems are ideal for high volume bars and restaurants.

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